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5:30 PMInside Health Care: Break Away Kids Tri
6:00 PMRecipes for Life: Cancer Fighting foods
6:30 PMEcho TV: Community Strength & Preparedness
7:00 PMHealth Now: Organ Failure
7:30 PMVoices of Experience: On the Road
8:00 PMOffside Sports: All About NBA
8:30 PMKnowledge for Wellness: Community College Courses
9:00 PMAccess to Democracy: Vicky Knickerbocker
9:30 PMAccess to Democracy: Anthony Adler
10:00 PMMinnesingers
10:30 PMVoices of Experience: On the Road
11:00 PMWorld MusicFest: Rock Aria Group

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6:00 PMMarket Fest Concert: The Rockin' Hollywoods
7:00 PMEagan Funfest Parade
9:00 PMMarket Fest Concert: The Bazillons
10:00 PMMarket Fest Concert: Pan Dimensions
11:00 PMMarket Fest Concert: Socaholix